Sumaiya Ahmed: writer, student, founder of Poised

Hey, I’m Sumaiya Ahmed, the owner of Brown Girl Guilt. The primary aim of Brown Girl Guilt is to speak up and open a wider conversation on the cultural toxicity of the South Asian culture and the lasting, detrimental damage it causes. This is a personal blog, and through this form of writing, I hope to not just reach other young womxn in similar situations, or ones who were in such circumstances, but inspire others to take action and spark a change.

It’s about time we talk back to these aunties and uncles who belittle and debilitate us, making us cave to their traditions when it goes against the very individuals we are. Brown girls womxn are constantly standing in the rubble when brown boys and men get away scot-free, with their privilege. Brown womxn have suffered enough.

Through Brown Girl Guilt, I hope to inspire change, conversation and empowerment in all of us brown girls, dealing with the heavy burden of “what will people say?” and izzat.

Whilst Brown Girl Guilt aims to fight against the cultural oppression, I also use it to review and chat about books, and review and recommend food, as well as write about a variety of other topics I am passionate about, such as body image, self-love, (toxic) relationships, and the stigma surrounding sex, to name a few.

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